Where We Work

Acme Fireproofing & Insulation provides services in the states of Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Minnesota, Missouri, Wisconsin, and also the Kansas City, Kansas metro area and Louisville, Kentucky metro area. We will be happy to provide our services where ever union labor is required.

Services We Provide

We provide both wet and dry mix SFRM's, intumescent fireproofing and fire-retardant coatings, board fireproofing, sprayed fiberglass, closed-cell spray foam insulation, and cellulose insulations for both thermal and acoustical treatment. Please call us to discuss the needs of your project for any specific help. We have both UL and manufacturer trained employees who can assist in the best product selection for your project.

Allied Construction Services has worked with Acme Fireproofing on several projects, some as small as a couple of days to larger projects that last several months.  Allied has used Acme to install fireproofing and spray insulation and we have been very pleased with the professionalism both in the field and office personnel.  Acme Fireproofing is one of our preferred sub-contractors and we would highly recommend them.

Tug DenOtter
Allied Construction Services