Spray-on fireproofing, intumescent fireproofing, board fireproofing, closed-cell polyurethane foam, and spray-applied insulation for thermal & acoustics are Acme Fireproofing & Insulation's specialties.

Our staff members have over 250 years of combined experience and employ a professional approach with solutions to our customers’ projects. Clients include some of the most recognized companies in the construction industry.

The owners of Acme Fireproofing & Insulation also own and operate four additional service industry corporations. This enables us to draw from an extensive pool of resources for large projects. We are aggressively seeking to establish new customer relations that can be beneficial for all parties concerned.

Acme Fireproofing & Insulation, Inc. employs a seasoned staff of veterans that you can rely on to provide the most in depth, up to date and comprehensive information needed to insure your project is protected with the correct materials to suit your application needs and is compliant with UL and Building Code guidelines. Some of our employees were involved in developing the standards that are now recognized as “industry standards” by specifying organizations and trade associations throughout the construction industry. There are companies who will sell you the cheapest, easiest, or even incorrect application to make a quick buck. At Acme we prefer to have satisfied customers who may pay a little more up front for the products we recommend, but will save money and headaches down the road by not having to repair and maintain faulty applications. Our team of experts is eager to assist you with any needs you may have.


Don Jolley – President
Timothy E. McCormick – Vice President
Howard Towler – Vice President
Wynona Sellers – Secretary/Treasurer


A. Don Jolley, President and Owner

Has been a business owner since 1990. Owns and operates four other contracting businesses. Has been in the construction industry since 1983.

Howard Towler, Vice President

Has been in construction since 1988, started with S&A Building Specialties in 1989 and stayed through Mr. Jolley's acquisition of that company in 2001. Joined Acme at its inception in 2003. NFCA DRI for both SFRM and IFRM and has served as President of the National Fireproofing Contractors Association, currently on its board of directors. Oversees all day-to-day operations for Acme and provides some estimating and project management.

Addison Emory III, Intumescent, Specialty Coatings, and Closed Cell Foam

Most recently was Technical Manager for Steel Protecting with Hilti in their intumescent division. Also has many years as a contractor in the painting, intumescent coating and specialty coatings industry. Has worked with various industry groups including ASTM and NFCA and assisted in writing codes and standards for intumescent fireproofing applications and inspection procedures. His experience with Hilti during the development and testing of their products should prove to be an invaluable resource in maintaining our high standards of quality control and customer service. Addison will handle sales, estimating and project management for intumescent coatings as well as our new spray foam division.

David Seaton, Field Operations

Joined Acme in 2004 as Lead Foreman at Alton High School project and stayed to become Shop Superintendent for our St. Louis field operations. Schedules projects and materials, job site meetings, equipment management, logistics and quality control.

Wynona Sellers, Secretary-Treasurer, Accounting and Office Manager

Started with Max True Plastering Company in July of 1977. Remained with the company when it sold in 1994 and remained when the current owner purchased the company in April 2002. Joined Acme at its inception in 2003. Oversees all accounting and payroll operations. Prepares all documents for financial reviews.

Marsha Fox, Marketing Director

Procures and coordinates project leads. Procures all bidding documents, plans, specs, and addenda for the Estimating Department. Types bid proposals and sends out bids weekly for Mr. Jolley's companies. Returns plans when bidding process is completed. Completes prequalification questionnaires, orders bid bonds and completes all other bidding-related tasks.

Desiree Stafford, Estimating Coordinator

Recently joined Acme to assist Marsha Fox with searching local and national databases for projects to bid, checking ITB’s for our scope of work and downloading plans from FTP sites. Also assists estimators with bid document procurement and sending out proposals.

Julie Taylor, Payroll Manager

Runs payroll for all of Mr. Jolley's companies. Supervises certified payroll and union forms on multiple projects. Sends in withholding and unemployment taxes.

Candace Busby, Certified Payrolls/Union Reports

Assists Julie Taylor with certified payroll forms and union reporting.

Kathy Jolley, Contract Administrator

Receives and reviews all project subcontracts. Completes any required subcontract paperwork.

Nancy Davis, Contract Administrator Assistant, Accounts Payable

Completes warranty requests, procures business licenses, assists the contract team with various responsibilities. Accounts payable duties include entry of invoices and reconciling credit card statements.

James Lambert, Company Safety Manager

Maintains and enforces company safety policies. Fills out OSHA logs. Responsible for employee safety training. Schedules employee safety meetings, OSHA training classes, job required drug testing and safety inspections.


All crews consist of experienced fireproofing applicators (plasterers) and skilled tenders (laborers) for assistance in applying fireproofing.
Crew leaders/Applicators:
Baldemar Rebollar, 10+ years experience
Felix Benitez, 8+ years experience
Michael Seaton, 4+ years experience
Clifford Row, 3+ years experience
Other applicators are available through the various unions we are signatory.

Our Mission Statement

Acme Fireproofing & Insulation takes pride in our ability to provide top quality work on every project we do. We are dedicated to insuring that all projects are completed safely, efficiently and on schedule. We have built working relationships with multiple general contractors based on our reputation of excellence that will continue to grow for decades to come. Acme Fireproofing & Insulation guarantees proper installation of our products to protect a structure and all those who are in it. At Acme Fireproofing & Insulation, we are silently protecting and saving lives one building at a time.